Dinosaur Invasion at Dream Pools!

Dinosaurs…it’s the one thing that kids just can’t stop talking about. Since the release of Jurassic World this year the Dino-dudes have made a huge come back! Here in the shop in Midhurst we have a varied collection of dinosaur toys that are bound to entertain for hours.

We have Jurassic World dinosaur toys as well as a variety of other dinosaur related goodies, including dinosaur eggs!

Dinosaurs have taken over the shop, and as such we have a variety of types in store, including the troublesome Indominus Rex…

The toys are an absolute must have for any fans of the film or indeed for Dino lovers in general, they are great value for money and entertain the kids for hours!

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New Lines Added

Come and meet our friendly new pets, from the Jumping Pug Dog to the Luvimals

These cute furry friends are lots of fun, perhaps the sweetest little friend is Piper the penguin, not to mention the adorable Baby Cuddles (monkey).

These furry friends are as cuddly as they seem on TV, and we have quite the range for any little boy or girl who wants a pet and for the parents who want a hassle free addition to the family, we have available: the Lil’Big Paws, Husky, Cat, Monkey, Rabbit and Dog.

These lovely cuddly and playful pets are perfect any loving child of 3 years+, have a pet with none of the usual mess! A wonderful addition to the family without the hassle of day to day maintenance.

So come in store today and come away with a new member of family.

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Now available in the Midhurst store

Star Wars collectables and toys

With the release of the new Star Wars film shortly, come in and see our new range of Star Wars toys, from small action figures upto the large X-wing Fighter. Introducing some of the new characters and light sabers, plus the old favourites, such as Jabba the Hutt (Collectable figure).





Available while stocks last!!!